Pay’N’Park is a Smart Parking Platform to provide drivers the best parking experience, No matter what their commute is; whether you are going to favorite restaurant, nearby movie theater or your daily work place, we are committed to take your parking stress away!

How do we ensure you the same parking experience everyday?

We provide this experience to our users through combination of our Real time Parking App, IOT Technology & Business Intelligence Software. 

Why did we start this?

We are a bunch of avid drivers & travelers who have experienced the same issue numerous times across the country. Especially growing up in a parking congested metro cities of India - looking at people waste their valuable time on streets, circling around, creating more traffic congestion, not allowing emergency vehicles to pass through & much more - prompted us to build a solution to a soft economic issue i.e. Parking.

Our passion for technology & impact driven software led us to form Pay’N’Park !

NOTE: Pay'N'Park is the brand name owned by the legal business entity Crazy Softnet Technologies, LLP.

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